Pokemon go account. , after a viral Feeling all over The planet, has not dropped off the map. In fact, the augmented reality game is getting more money than it ever has before.

According to mobile analytics business Sensor That means Pokémon Go has surpassed its launch year in earnings after seeing a drop off from both spending and players in 2017. It’s a rare comeback effort for a free-to-play game, many of which can be flash-in-the-pan successes and fade into obscurity.

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Usually, free-to-play games come From the gate with a massive increase in earnings and fame and slowly decline as time continues, or the program starts small and builds following a summit of fame and financial success. Pokémon Go did not follow trend. Following a blockbuster 2016 where the match turned into a viral feeling and gained $832 million, Sensor Tower claims its prevalence dropped sharply.

But during the introduction of new Features — such as raid conflicts, trading, and improved AR camera impacts — Niantic carved a committed and extremely lucrative market in the cell industry. At the end of 2018, in-app purchase revenue for Pokémon Go once again soared, this time to an estimated $816 million.

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Sensor Tower quotes Niantic has attracted In over $3.1 billion so far on Pokémon Go. Though not all of the money goes right to the app programmer, since the firm has a revenue sharing arrangement, which hasn’t been made public, together with all The Pokémon Company, of that Nintendo possesses an important share.

However, Pokémon Go’s achievement has helped Niantic become a Major augmented reality developer and among the very Successful mobile program makers in the business. The Business has since opened Its own app-building along with AR toolset, the Niantic Real World Platform, to Third-party programmers. It’s also built a Harry Potter AR match in partnership With Warner Bros., as well as a reboot into its first AR game Ingress known as Ingress Prime.